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How to use Modjo?
Modjo Extension (User setup)
Modjo Extension (User setup)

Take live notes during your meetings while ensuring the recording of your Google Meet and Microsoft Teams meetings (deprecated versions)

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What is it?

The Modjo extension is a plug-in that extends your sales engagement beyond the Modjo platform. The extension allows you to automatically launch the recording of your calls alongside your Livenote!

🚨Important: If you were using our previous Chrome extension, make sure to uninstall it before downloading this one.

I. Install the Modjo extension and launch your Livenote

We've developed an amazing tool for you to take notes and tag your peers live during your calls! (Everything's bound to both your call and your CRM!)

What's for?

  • Take and organize your meeting’s notes: No more sticky notes or digital notepads needed! Craft better action plans & follow-ups with all your meetings' notes time-stamped and bound to the actual conversation!

  • Tag your team to share powerful moments of your meeting: Easily bookmark key moments live so you can stay focused. Review or share them with your manager or peers to keep things moving!

  • Collaborate and structure your approach thanks to templates: Don't wait to have a conversation with your manager or to bump into your product manager to give them feedbacks => They'll be notified live and will therefore answer to your questions/feedbacks with the context of the real conversation quicker!

  • Save time by updating your CRM fields through the Livenote during your meeting (without having to open your CRM): Automatically find all your notes in your CRM to better hand-over the information and never loose a note ever again!

💡The Livenote can automatically be launched as soon as your Gmeet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Aircall, Outreach and Ringover meetings begin! 🚀

Setting process:

Step 1: Start by downloading the extension here (only if your admin didn't do it for you)

Step 2: Pin your extension to your home page (only if your admin didn't do it for you)

Step 3: Click on the Livenote icon and log in

🎉Start taking your notes!

II. Livenote automatic opening

In order to automatically launch your Modjo extension at the beginning of your call and allow yourself to start taking livenotes, make sure to toggle on the switch buttons (see screenshot below).

Supported Phone/Video providers:

-Google Meet

-Microsoft Teams


-Zoom Phone




To do so:
1- Click right on the Modjo extension icon

2-Click Options

3- Log in to your Modjo Account

4- Enable the auto-opening for your video/phone providers

III. Automatic recording (Google Meet and Microsoft Teams deprecated versions)

If you're using the deprecated version of Google Meet and/or Microsoft Teams make sure to toggle the dedicated swich button to allow the recording of your meetings (mandatory to have them imported into Modjo 🚨)

What's for?

Our Google Chrome extension is geared towards our users on the deprecated versions of the integrations Google Meet & Microsoft Teams in order for them to still have their meetings recorded and imported into Modjo.

💡For efficiency purposes, we advise you to rather use Modjo's recorder.

You can either choose to enable it for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or both!

💡Once enabled, a pop-up will be displayed asking your permission for the meeting to be recorded:

🚨IMPORTANT: In order for the extension to be operational regarding Microsoft Teams, your meetings must take place in your browser and not in the desk Microsoft Teams app.

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