How to retrieve a call?

Understand how to get the most out of the Explore page

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What's the Explore page?

The explore page is the place to identify calls you're aiming to focus on. Thanks to its filters, you can quickly get access to what matters to you!

I. Filter calls to find the ones you want to focus on

You can filter your calls by:

  • CRM

  • Team(s)

  • User(s)

  • Tag(s)

  • Call review

  • Call Title

  • Call duration

  • Language

  • Provider

  • Topic

  • Or even by Word!

Use case:

I want to find all the calls from the user Thierry which took place with the account "ACME - DEMO", tagged "Client Follow Up" and where the topic "Pricing" was discussed.

II. Create, edit and access saved views

If you often use the same filters, you might want to save a view to win some time!

To do so, after having added one or more filters, you'll see a button labelled "Save as a view"

This button will open a modal so that you can give an explicit name to your saved view.

You'll find your saved view straight in the sidebar along with some convenient tools.

We haven't forgotten those that prefer having your sidebar closed, you can still access and edit your views here.

Because views are often evolutive, you can update them as you go. Or even go from an existing one and create another.

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