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See your evolution through time and compare yourself
See your evolution through time and compare yourself
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First thing to know is that you can see your evolution through different angles :

  • Activity 🏄‍♂️ : get all factual data about successful calls (communication establish with customer), Call volume (total), Call duration (Average), Call duration (Total), Tag repartition

  • Interaction ⚡️ : Get deeper insights on interaction, as talk ratio, sales longest monologue, customer longest monologue, interaction

  • Topics 🧪: See how your topics react through your calls

  • Coaching 🏅 : watch team & individual interactions with Modjo, call listened, comment posted, comment received.

You can find all details here

2 precious info :

  • Information are available for your personal stats but also for your team

  • You can choose to see info in different time laps : day / week / month / quarter / semester and you always have a comparaison of numbers with last reference period.

Some examples :

"I want to see my call ratios comparing to next month and comparing to the team"

Three thing to do :

  • Choose yourself as "Sales Rep"

    • Click on "Activity 🏄‍♂️" on the top of the page

    • Choose the "Month" period

1 = On the 3 tabs you'll find your stat and comparaison to last period

2 = On the graph you'll find your evolution compare to the total team

"I want to see which sales has the longuest sales monologue"

Three things to do :

  • Clear all filter

    1. Click on "Interaction ⚡️" on the top of the page

    2. Click on the tab "sales longuest monologue

    3. Choose the period you want to analyse

👉 Graph and team member list will be automatically updated

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