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How to find support when I need it on my call ?
How to find support when I need it on my call ?
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One of main help Modjo can bring you is find support when you need it. From your manger, your team and other member of your company.

For this it's easy you just have to tag the person in comments and give context/ ask a question

Examples :

  • You received a prospect objections you never had and want to inform your manager and know what he/she would have said.

  • You made quite a good presentation of the new service the company proposes and think it could be interesting for the team to listen it.

2 ways for you to call someone attention :

  1. Write a comment at a specific time and tag someone. A beautiful 🍍 will appear to show where the comment is on the call.
    The person will be able to reply and it will be accessible by all the team in order to help everyone.

  2. Use the call snippet and select a moment where you need insights or you want to share.
    Then you can tag someone and create a comment or you can share a url link of this moment.
    We recommend you create a comment when the other person has access to Modjo.

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