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Find your strategic calls with your CRM filters
Find your strategic calls with your CRM filters

Have many filter to find and monitoring your calls

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For clients integrated with following CRMs Salesforce / HubSpot :

  • Account ⇒ example : Find every call of Modjo

  • Contact ⇒ example : find all the calls link to a specific contact

  • Deal Amount ⇒ example : find every call with a 1K deal amount

  • Lead Source ⇒ example : find every deal by "email marketing"

  • Deal Close date ⇒ example : find every deal closed the "12th may 2022"

  • Deal loss reason ⇒ Have every call who the "competitor offer is better"

  • Deal Statuts ⇒ example : We want every deal with "won" status

  • Job title (only in explore filters not search) ⇒ example : find every calls from "the CEO or Sales"

    This is the list on every filter CRM who is working

PS : " If you don't have a CRM, the CRM filter doesn't appear."

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