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How to use Modjo?
How to export Analytics' data?
How to export Analytics' data?

Visualize where to extract your users' activity data (CSV format)

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This feature enables you to extract user's activity data in a .csv file.

I. Open Analytics' page in Modjo

In the left-side bar, click on the "Export raw user data" button.

II. Prepare your file

Choose the different elements you expect to be in your file

  1. Select the desired team(s) (optional)

  2. Select the wanted extract date (mandatory)

  3. Deselect some unnecessary fields

  4. Click on Confirm when your settings are ready.

    Good to know: Topics are not included in the file as we solely extract users' activity data.

III. Download your file

Depending on both your time range and data volume, the exporting process can take up to a few minutes. Please hold on and stick to the webpage without quitting it.

Once ready, click on Download

You're all set and can visualize your users' data! (you can open the file in Excel, Spreadsheet or any other business intelligence tool making sure to use the comma as a separating value) 😊

IV. Create a daily digest

You can set up a recurring email alert with the determined data by clicking on "Save Report"

To unsubscribe from the report, click on delete this alert located at the bottom of the email received.

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