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How to use Modjo?
Call reviews: Track the progress of your team
Call reviews: Track the progress of your team

Understand where to find your call reviews in order to track both your own and peers' performances!

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I. Where to find my Call reviews?

Method 1: Through the Search bar

You can visualize every call possessing a review by using the search bar and selecting "Call Review". You can also refine your search based on grades using the adequate filters "is greater", "is lower" and so on (see video below):

Method 2: Through the Explore heading

The Explore menu allows you to visualize each and every call in Modjo. By using the "Call Review" filter, you'll especially focus on the reviewed calls (see video below):

II. Track the progress of your peers

Using The "Reviews" tab of the "Analytics" heading, you'll get to have a global overview of your peers' performances and thus track them overtime!

This tab will also give you both the number of call reviews posted and received within your organisation for each member.


  1. The Reviews tab of the Analytics heading

  2. Filter by Reviews received/Reviews written

  3. Filter section: filter by Team, User, Tag, Deal Stage, Deal Status and Template

  4. Evolution Graphic of performance

  5. Display the evolution graphic by Grade/Volume

  6. Evolution of the call reviews related to team members and also by review template

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