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How to use Modjo?
How to make a Call review? ✨
How to make a Call review? ✨

Understand how to make your first call review in order to give both feedbacks and advices on a specific call.

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Reviews are an essential part of the overall process and allow everyone involved to gain a better understanding of how their performance is being perceived.

This ensures that you can compare their perceptions of themselves to what you observe. To create a review for your team members:

I. Make sure a Call review template exists

🚨Prerequisite: In order to create and manage templates you must be a Modjo Administrator

Above all, you must create templates dedicated to each type of meeting using the button below:

💡Call review templates can also be created to tailor the process to the needs of your operations teams as you can customize and tweak each template to add or remove certain aspects as required.

II. Complete your first Call review

Once your templates are published, the members of your organization can start selecting them in order to make call reviews!

  1. In the meeting of your choice, click on "Review" in the top right-hand corner

  2. Click on "Focus on" and select the member you're aiming to review.

  3. Finally click on "Review template" and choose the template matching the meeting's type.

Now that you've selected both the right member of the meeting and the adequate template, you can start making a review!

Good to know: You can make a review for both your own meetings and your peers' meetings!

  1. Rate on a scale from 1 to 4 the person's performance on the subject.

  2. You can add a feedback in the dedicated field in order to complete your rating while helping your peer to get even better!

  3. Select the cross if you want to skip a part of your call review.

Do not forget to click on "Confirm" to save your call review and make it accessible to everyone!

Multiple call reviews on the same call:

Call reviews provide a robust way to monitor and improve your team's performance. With the ability to create multiple reviews on the same call, you can compare different perspectives and get a more complete understanding of the performance or discussion topic. This allows you to gain valuable insights as to how to better support your team and ensure they are delivering the best possible results.

💡Making several reviews on a given call can be especially useful if you are a manager, as you will be able to compare your employees' perception with your own.

💡It can also be extremely helpful when engaging in team reviews of the same call.

💡Once you've created your templates, you can also use them to make several reviews of the same call. This allows you to segment the notation based on different criteria or subject matters. You will also be able to see each reviewer's notes within the interface, allowing analyses of the reviews from multiple angles.

  • Click on "Focus on" and select the member you're aiming to review.

  • Choose the template you're willing to use

  • Start making your review! 🎉

Congratulations! You've made your first call review! 👏

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