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Google Meet & Microsoft Teams via Modjo's recorder (recommended)
Google Meet & Microsoft Teams via Modjo's recorder (recommended)

How to use Modjo's recorder feature allowing your Google Meet & Microsoft Teams meetings to be automatically recorded and imported

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What is it and how does it work?

Modjo's recorder will considerably shorten the import time of your meetings > You can quickly find your meeting in Modjo in order to play it, share it with your peers or even visualize the summary of the latter!

Modjo's recorder allows our clients using Google Meet and/or Microsoft Teams videoconferencing tools to automatically record their meetings. Actually, the bot is automatically invited to the event and connects itself at the beginning of the videoconference to record it.

🚨 Prerequisites:

  • We require an access to your Google/Outlook calendar

  • The meeting must be a real conversation (we have setup an algorithm excluding voicemails and very short calls (less than 2').

  • The meeting includes at least one attendee who is not from your company. Indeed, Modjo excludes internal meetings by verifying that at least one attendee in your calendar invitation has not the same email domain as yours.

  • At least one attendee must have an active license in order for the meeting to be recorded and thus imported.

💡For clients switching for the Modjo recorder, it replaces current Google Meet and Microsoft Teams Integrations used to import recordings into Modjo. The switching process can take up to 4 hours max.

💡If you use the deprecated Google and Microsoft Teams integrations, you'll need to stick to the Automatic recording Chrome extension

> Therefore, for efficiency purposes, we advise you to configure Modjo's recorder.

I. Enable Modjo's recorder (Admin part)

💡This action will replace your current Google Meet and/or Teams Integrations

  • In Modjo, go to Settings > Integrations

  • Find Google Meet "Recommended" and click on Connect

  • Click on Activate Google meet recording via bot

  • ⚠️ For Modjo Recorder to work properly, the option "All users can join Google Meet meetings" should be checked. Link here only accessible by admins

  • 💡You can personalize the name of your Bot and even give it a profile pic! Thanks to this, Your interlocutors will have a better perception of your Bot 😊

To proceed:

  • Go to Organization settings

  • Click Integrations

  • Click Options and apply your customizations!

What are the Modjo Recorder options?

  • For every calls with licensed users in meeting: The default behaviour (we send bot if the organizer is a contact or a user and one or more user has a licence)

  • Only if it is a licenses user who organizes a meeting: The bot is ONLY send if the organizer is a Modjo User and has a licence

  • Never automatic recording:The bot must be schedule manually and we don’t send any bots automatically.

II. Grant us access to your Google/Outlook calendar (User part)

  • Go to Settings > Profile

  • Click on "Connect Google"

  • Grant us access to your Calendar

III. Call the Modjo Recorder manually

🚨 Prerequisites: Download the Modjo extension (see the article about it)"

There are various reasons why you may need to manually call the Modjo recorder:

If the bot doesn't join

If the bot leaves the waiting-room/meeting

If you didn't schedule a calendar event

If you want to record an internal meeting

You now have the option to manually call the robot in various ways:

Use the Modjo Extension Widget

If you have the Modjo extension you have the possibility to call the bot thanks to the green widget.

Call the Modjo recorder directly during a meeting.

Use the calendar Modjo

Call or delete a bot directly from your Modjo calendar.

Use the meeting URL to call a Modjo recorder

Now you can directly add a meeting URL directly from your Modjo.

IV. Automatic recording chrome extension required action

  • On the Automatic recording chrome extension make sure to untick the boxes "Auto record for Google Meet / Microsoft Teams" & "Automatically open Livenotes App" (since Modjo's recorder will automatically launch your Livenotes at the very start of the meeting)

You're all set! 🥳

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