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Are you looking for a way to quickly access your Google Meet and Microsoft Teams calls? You can with Modjo's recorder! Thanks to this feature, hold up for 5 minutes after the ending of your meeting and you can already get access to the latter right in Modjo!

💡With quick access to AI notes, transcripts and the ability to share recordings with your colleagues, Modjo's recorder is the perfect tool for quickly reviewing your meetings!

How does it look like?

When joining the videoconference, a message will be displayed informing you that the bot wants to join the meeting (just like any external attendee 😊) => You can either accept or decline.
💡Only the host of a given meeting can eject the Recorder Modjo.

If you accept, the bot will record the meeting. If you turn it down, the bot will not be part of the meeting and, as a result, will not be recorded.

Google meet:

Microsoft Teams:

What are the Modjo Recorder schedule option?

  • For every calls with licensed users in meeting: The default behaviour (we send bot if the organizer is a contact or a user and one or more user has a licence)

  • Only if it is a licenses user who organizes a meeting: The bot is ONLY send if the organizer is a Modjo User and has a licence

  • Never automatic recording:The bot must be schedule manually and we don’t send any bots automatically.

How can I personalize my Recorder?

You can personalize the display of your bot to explain the purpose of recording a call and give your interlocutors a better perception of your Bot.

To proceed:

  • Go to Organization settings

  • Click Integrations (Google Meet recommended or Microsoft Teams recommended)

  • Click Options and apply your customizations!

From the settings, you're able to:

  • modify the bot's name

  • upload your company logo

  • adjust the text or background color to match your logo's color.

  • write a first text

    • To be GDPR compliant, you must indicate that the call is being recorded and why it is recorded. More info in the article from the CNIL.

  • and second smaller text for additional info

Tips: use the preview to see how your recorder will look like!

Here is an example of a recorder display :

How to let the attendees know about Modjo's recorder?

You can inform your prospects and clients of the recording by letting them know about the recording at the very start of the meeting.

Throughout the meeting, Modjo's recorder is visible by everyone and can be named in an explicit way e.g. “[Modjo] Recording Bot”.

Here's a video about our way of introducing Modjo's recorder 😊:

💡When using Google Meet you can also inform them through the information email feature. The latter allows you to automatically send an email about recording and its purposes 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the meeting.

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