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How to synchronize your emails with Modjo?
How to synchronize your emails with Modjo?

Understand how Modjo synchronize your emails!

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Synchronizing your emails with Modjo is essential to capture all the interactions with your clients. Very insightful information is exchanged via emails, in addition to calls and meetings.

This article explains how to enable email synchronization as well as the scope of what Modjo synchronizes; because we do select wisely the emails we synchronize!

I. How to enable email synchronization?

a) Admin activates the integration

First, an admin has to activate the email integration through the integration page.

Both Google mail and Outlook emails are supported.

Afterwards, the admin can follow which users gave access to their emails, by coming back to this page in Integration settings:

b) User, one by one, permits to synchronize his emails

Then, users with Modjo license only, permits Modjo to synchronize their emails.

  • Either at first connection to Modjo through onboarding steps

  • Either later from his profile page:

II. Which emails does Modjo synchronize?

After admin and user permission to synchronize emails, Modjo starts synchronizing emails. We select the emails we synchronize to only select coherent emails and protect our users' privacy.

The emails we synchronize:

  • we only synchronize emails with a contact present in your CRM.

  • Meaning, if no contact matches a contact in your CRM (via his email address), we only keep the email ID for 7 days (not the email content) in case you add the contact to your CRM afterward.

    • after these 7 days, if we don't find any contact matching in your CRM, we delete the email ID.

  • On Modjo, we display email contact info, email object, and email content:

The emails we don't synchronize :

  • emails where no contact is present in your CRM.

  • emails with specific words in the email object: "perso", "personnel", "privé"

  • emails without content (like calendar emails)

Users are able to delete an email, if they don't want to see it display on Modjo. It won't delete the email in the inbox, only in Modjo.

Emails are then accessible from Modjo Deals. More info just here: Modjo Deals article

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