Understand how to use tags in order to quickly categorize your meetings!

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What's for?

Creating and editing tags is an easy way to identify and categorize calls.

You can use tags to easily filter meetings (ex: demo calls, discovery calls, follow-ups, etc).

Besides, you can get analytics related to tags.


Tags can only be created and edited by an admin. You can access the tag management page by going to Workspace settings => Tags.

There are 2 types of tags:

  1. Phone provider tags:

    For the following Phone providers Aircall, Ringover, Salesloft, HubSpot telephony, Outreach, Talkdesk, Dixa we can automatically sync your tags.

=> Click on "Import tags from phone providers" to automatically import all of your tags

💡As soon as a tagged call is imported, its tag will be automatically added.

2. Manual tags:

You can choose to create your own tags by clicking on "Add a Tag"

💡By default, all tags are associated to all teams.

=> You can choose to associate a tag to solely specific teams.

Double-sided synchronization:

For some providers, we support 2-ways sync. In short, if a call is tagged in Modjo, the call will also be tagged in your Phone provider.
Supported Phone providers:

  • Aircall

  • HubSpot

  • Talkdesk

  • Dixa

Tagging a call:

You can tag a call either from the call list or from the call details page.

You can associated as many tags as you wish per meeting (you can also remove them).

Tag a call from the call list

Tag a call from the call details page

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