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Easily track your key business initiatives
Easily track your key business initiatives
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Let's imagine you have a new offer to propose to prospects called here "new product".

First, it's imperative to create a topic concerning your new offer to be able to identify it. Here how to set topics

When it's done give some time to your team to integrated it to the speech before analyzing it. When you estimate it's ok here are the step to proceed :

  1. Go to Modjo Analytics page.

  2. Clear all filters or if needed choose your team in the filter section.

  3. Click on "Topics 🧪" at the top of the page

  4. In the tab "Topic" click on the one you want to follow, here for example "new product"

By clicking on it you'll be able to see how much it's evoked by team members and the evolution in % of calls mentioned the topic "New product".

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