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Follow the steps described in this article in order for your Diabolocom calls to be automatically imported into Modjo

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How does it work?

Modjo connects to your Diabolocom SFTP server and obtains both your call logs and voice recordings from the previous day.
=> As Diabolocom writes call logs in the server only once a day, your calls will be imported into Modjo the following day.

🚨 Prerequisite:

Please check that you have Admin rights in both Diabolocom and Modjo. If so, follow the quick steps described below:

⏱️ Duration time: 5' on average

Step 1: Grant us access to Diabolocom

  • In order for Modjo to get access to your SFTP server, you'll need to create a user in Diabolocom dedicated to Modjo.

  • Once it's done, copy its Username and Password

  • in Modjo, Go to Settings => Integrations

  • Find Diabolocom and click on Connect

  • Scroll up and fill the form:
    The URL must solely contain the link => No "https" or "/"

    • Platform (your Diabolocom platform. Ex: fr1.engage.diabolocom.com, de1.engage.diabolocom.com...)

    • Username (of the user you created previously)

    • Password (of the user you created previously)

  • Click Save

Step 2: Bind your Diabolocom users to Modjo

Make a list in which your provide for each user:

  • Modjo's user email address ( Ex: celeste@modjo.ai )

  • Diabolocom user id ( Ex: 123456)

  • Diabolocom user login ( Ex: cmodjo )

=> Send it by email to your account manager (we will configure it for you)

*Keep in mind that Modjo solely import calls containing interactions as an algorithm excludes voicemails and very short calls (shorter or equal to 2').
*If you wish to update the minimum call duration for import, get in touch with your Modjo contact.

Congratulations! 🙌

Once you've achieved these quick steps, your integration is turning active! Now, let’s give it a try by making your first call!

💡Good to know: calls are automatically imported every night.

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