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How to use Modjo?
How to create Modjo Notes Templates?📝
How to create Modjo Notes Templates?📝

Understand how to structure your team's calls by providing a specific guideline

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🚨 Prerequisite:

You must be a Modjo administrator/manager to create/manage Modjo Notes templates.

Improve your team's efficiency by sharing a specific script used as a guideline during the calls. To give you an idea, you can include your ideal call agendas, questions to ask/answer for each stage of the process, buyer persona, etc.

1. Create a template

  • Click on the lightning logo => Notes templates (You can also go to Settings => Notes templates)

  • Click on Add template

  1. Give a Title to your template. For instance:

    • AE - Demo calls,

    • AE - Follow-up,

    • SDR - First call...

  2. Select a Team:

    If you're willing to make the template accessible only to some specific users (every user will get access to it by default).

  3. Enable the log of the notes into the custom fields of your CRM (optional):

    🚨Prerequisite: make sure not to choose a field with a limited amount of authorized characters (example of Salesforce's fields formats below)

    Solely CRM fields with a text format can be selected

    • Click on the activation button

    • Enter the name of your CRM custom field and select it

      (if you want to choose another field, click on "change field")

  4. Build the content of your template:

    • Heading

    • Bullet list

    • To-do list

    • CRM fields: select the related CRM field entity (Account/Contact/Deals/Leads)

      💡Tip: You can get access to formatting options in order to structure the note:

    • from the toolbar

    • by selecting the word

    • or by typing /

  5. Confirm the creation:

    • Save the template as a draft if you're not willing to make it accessible right away.

    • Otherwise, click on Save and Publish => the template will be available in the Live Note application of the users.

💡 As a Modjo administrator/manager, you will get access to all the templates within your Modjo Notes application.

2. Modify a template

There are two use cases:

A) Your template is not published yet:

  • Go to Settings => Notes templates

    => Select the template you wish to modify.

B) Your template is already published:

You cannot make changes on a template saved as a draft.
=> You have 2 options:

  • Publish the changes you make right away

  • Duplicate the existing template and make changes in this second (draft) template.

    To do so:

  • Click on the ellipsis ... on the desired template

  • Select Duplicate

  • Make the desired changes

  • Save as a draft until you're ready to publish it!

3. Unpublish or Delete a template

  • Click on the ellipsis ... on the desired template

  • Click on Unpublish if you're aiming to disable the access to the users.

  • Click on Delete if you're willing to permanently delete the template.

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