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Call reviews: create and manage templates
Call reviews: create and manage templates

Structure teams' feedbacks providing a specific script in order to guide them.

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Improve and harmonize feedbacks for your organization by creating specific templates to evaluate your teams' calls.

The aim is to receive and give objective feedbacks on what truly matters for your teams' important calls.


You must be a Modjo Administrator/Manager in order to get access to this heading.


1.Create a template:

  • Go to Settings => tab Call reviews

  1. Click on Add a review

    1. Give a Title to your template. For example:

      • AE - Demo calls,

      • AE - Follow-up,

      • SDR - First call.

    2. Build the content of your review by typing your questions/sections. You can add as many as you wish by clicking on Add a question or using the + button

    3. Add a weight to your question, this will affect the global rating at the end of the review.

    4. Validate your template :

      • Save the template as draft if you're not aiming to make it live right away.

        If you think it's all set, click on Save and publish! => It will be instantly available in the "Call reviews" tab.

2. Modify a template:

💡First use case: The template is not published yet

  • Go to Settings => Call reviews tab => Select the Template's title you wish to modify.

💡Second use case: The template is already published

You cannot save changes as draft => You have 2 options:

  • Either directly proceed to the changes you're aiming to make

  • Or duplicate the existing template and make changes in this second draft template:

    • Go in Reviews templates

    • Click on the ellipsis at the end of the template's line

    • Select Duplicate

  • Make the changes

  • Save as draft until you're ready to publish it!

3. Unpublish or Delete a template:

In order to unpublish or delete a template:

  • Click on the ellipsis at the end of the template's line

  • Click on Duplicate to copy a template content as a draft

  • Click on Unpublish if you want to disable access to this template for your users

  • Click on Delete if you wish to permanently delete the template.

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