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Setting Maximum Availability Time for Shared Calls
Setting Maximum Availability Time for Shared Calls
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Ensure the calls shared out of your organisation remain relevant and secure by setting a maximum availability time for sharing links.

You need to have admin or manager role on Modjo for this configuration.

  1. Setting Maximum Availability Time

  2. Expiration and Renewal

  3. Exclusions: Embedded Code Sharing

1. Setting Maximum Availability Time

Go to settings / Advanced page, under the section "Maximum availability duration for shared calls"

Update the desired time limit in days for shared calls. This ensures that the content remains accessible only for the specified duration after copying the link.

2. Expiration and Renewal

When the set time limit elapses, shared will no longer be accessible for external users. Prospects who attempt to read an expired call will be prompted to ask for a new access. The modjo user will have to go back on the call, to copy a new link.

4. Exclusions: Embedded Code Sharing

It's important to note that the time limit does not apply to calls shared via copying embedded code. This exclusion allows flexibility for specific use cases where a longer lifespan may be required.

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