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Configure your HubSpot integration in order for your contacts, accounts, opportunities and calls' details to be synchronized with Modjo

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How does it work?

Modjo binds with HubSpot CRM allowing to:

  • Find your HubSpot contacts, accounts and opportunities related to your calls in order to import and display them within the platform.

  • Make sure the calls were logged in HubSpot as a "call activity" in the contact/account/opportunity timeline. If the call was already logged by the phone provider (ex: Aircall), we'll solely add the link to the call in Modjo. In the event that the call wasn't logged, Modjo adds the call activity (with a few extra details) as well as a link to the call.

  • Display within HubSpot's calls' activities the comments made on their corresponding calls in Modjo.

  • Synchronize email activities present in HubSpot (related to your contacts/accounts/opportunities) in order to quickly visualize in Modjo the timeline of your past interactions.

  • (Optional) If your company uses HubSpot telephony to make phone calls, we can import them (see step 3 below).

🚨 Prerequisite:

You must have the Admin rights in both HubSpot and Modjo. If so, follow the quick and easy steps described below:

⏱️ Duration time: 5' on average

Step 1: Grant us access to HubSpot via OAuth

  • Log in Modjo

  • Go to Settings => Integrations => Click on CRM

  • Below HubSpot's icon, click on Connect

  • You should be redirected to a HuSpot login page and must log in with your regular HubSpot credentials

  • Once logged in, you should be redirected back to Modjo.

Step 2: Make sure every user access is bound to the corresponding HubSpot's user access

  • Go to Settings => Users

  • Check the users list and make sure that for each user who should be connected to HubSpot, a HubSpot icon is displayed on their row.

    Good to know: you can use the Auto-match button to let Modjo link your users based on email matching.

If certain users do not have the HubSpot icon displayed:

  • Click on Edit User (pencil icon on the right side)

  • In the menu displayed, find HubSpot

  • Use the drop-down to find the HubSpot user

  • Click Save

Step 3: HubSpot telephony (optional)

If you use HubSpot as your phone provider, make sure that the call recording is enabled. To do so:

  • Under the heading Data Management, go to Objects => Activities

  • At the bottom page, find Call Recording, click on Allow call recording.

  • IMPORTANT : HubSpot is willing to be GDPR compliant. Therefore, the automatic call recording is unavailable in countries under the GDPR law.

    => As a result, the user must click manually on "Record" and confirm that the attendees are well-aware of the call's recording.

In Modjo, Go to Integrations => Click on HubSpot => Enable "import call from hubSpot"

*Note that we solely import calls containing interactions as an algorithm excludes voicemails and very short calls.

Congratulations! 🙌

Once you have completed these quick steps, your integration is turning active! Now, let’s give it a try by making your first call!

💡Good to know: calls are automatically imported every hour on average.

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