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How to use Modjo?
How to take Modjo Notes?📝
How to take Modjo Notes?📝

Understand how to take notes through the Modjo Notes application in order to find them automatically in Modjo.

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I. How to take notes during your meeting?

Directly type your text in Modjo Notes and format it as you wish!

💡Good to know:

  • Type your text and select a word to display the formatting options

  • Type "/" to access formatting commands

  • Type "@" and enter the name of the Modjo team/user to mention them (a notification will be sent in Modjo once the call is imported).

💡Good to know:

If you started writing notes but didn't have time to complete them, you can retrieve the latter anytime by clicking on the dedicated icon (see screenshot below)

Once you're done, click on "Sync my note" and Confirm

II. Find your notes in Modjo

Once your call is imported in Modjo, your notes will be automatically bound to the latter.

You can easily spot a call possessing notes in both the Home or Explore page (purple lightning icon):

The notes will be displayed in the sidebar located at the right-hand side of the call:

Good to know:

  • Click on a note in order to play the specific moment of the call when it was taken (allow you to get more context 😊)

  • You can like, react, or comment a note to give your feedbacks!

If you cannot find your notes on the call:

  • Click on the lightning logo => My notes

  • Find your notes

  • Link them manually to your latest calls by clicking on Link to a call

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