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How to use Modjo?
Enable subtitles and translate your call 📞
Enable subtitles and translate your call 📞

How to use subtitles and get access to a thoroughly translated transcript

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Open up your global potential by allowing your international peers to enjoy calls in the fullest way possible without missing out any information while enriching your language skills!

Good to know: As for now, we solely support translation from your original language towards English, French, Spanish and German.

Rest assured that we're doing our best for the translation to be even more accurate day by day while developing extra languages! 😊

  1. Play your call with subtitles

    • On the desired call, click on the subtitles button located in the playbar

    • In the displayed pop-up, choose the desired language.

    • Play the call and enjoy the ride!

  2. Translate your call summaries

    You can access a translated summary of calls to quickly retrieve information and immerse yourself back into the context of the call.

  3. Get access to a fully translated transcript of your call

    Thanks to our translation feature, you can get access to a translated transcript of your call in order to find the exact moments you're aiming to focus on!

    1. Open the "Transcript" Tab on the right

    2. Choose the desired language

    3. Click on the blue timestamp of your choice or move your mouse over the desired part of the call and click on the play button

      Tip: You can filter the transcript by topic or word using the search bar

✨ Have fun and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any feedback to share! ✨

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