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How to use Modjo?
How to inform clients and prospectss that they'll be recorded on visio calls.
How to inform clients and prospectss that they'll be recorded on visio calls.

Get some practical insights about the email reminder function

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In order to be GDPR compliant and have a good selling relationship, it's important to let your prospects and client know the meeting will be recording.

To do so, Modjo enables you to send an email 10 minutes prior the meeting to let the contact know the meeting is about to start, but also that it might be recording for training purposes.

This email content is customisable so that it completely fits you needs and way to address your customers. Here's the default email your contacts will receive once the feature is activated :

I. How to activate it ?

In your Workspace settings, Advanced tab, you will find the reminder email feature.

Click on the Toggle to activate it.

Once enabled in your organization, the emails will be sent for all meetings having these criteria :

  • The host of the meeting has a Modjo recording licence and granted access to his Google/Outlook calendar in Modjo

  • It is NOT an internal meeting

  • At least one contact has accepted the meeting's invite.

II. How to personalize it ?

In your Workspace settings, Advanced tab, under reminder email block, click on EDIT, to access the edition space.

There you'll be able to adapt all text content according to your need. You can for example be super explicit about the recording, and put it in the first paragraph, or even in the email subject.

Don't forget to click SAVE, once you're finished. If the feature is already activated, you will update changes for all future calls of your organisation.

TIPS : In order to make sure that you're satisfied with your Reminder e-mail, we invite you to click on "Receive a test Email" so that you'll get to see how it will look like for your clients! 🥳

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