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Follow the steps described in this article in order for your Ringover calls to be automatically imported into Modjo

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🚨 Prerequisite:

Please check that you have Admin rights in Dixa and Admin or Manager rights in Modjo. If so, follow the quick steps described below:

⏱️ Duration time: 3' on average

Step 1: Generate the API key from Dixa

  • Go to Settings, located in the left menu, then click on Integration.

  • Select the API Token tab and click on Add API Token.

  • Name the API Token (e.g. Modjo API Token) and click on "Save changes"

  • Copy the Token content ➡️ Following Step 2!

Step 2: Configure Dixa on Modjo

  • Paste the Token content into the API key.

  • To do this, go to Modjo ➡️ Settings ➡️ Integrations ➡️ Dixa ("Phone and video provider" category) ➡️ Configuration.

  • Don't forget to save ✅

  • Congratulations! 👏 Your integration Dixa is now connected to Modjo.

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