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Follow this steps to invite your teams on Modjo.

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Prerequisite: You must have an admin/manager role.

Create a new user


Under Settings > Users, click on "Add user".

Fill in all the information:

  • Professional email

  • Choose a team (you can select a default team or create one of your own).

Select the role of your new users, you have 3 options:

  • Admin: they'll be able to manage the roles and the subscription to add licenses.

  • Manager: it allows to manage roles but not to manage the subscription. This role suits your managers.

  • User: it allows to access all calls in Modjo. This role perfectly suits your reps.

If you want to limit the access of users to certain calls, you'll have all the information here.

For the License, you have two options:

  • Listening - Free: it's well-suited for users who just want to listen to calls.

  • Recording - Premium: it's the one that all your reps need to record calls.

Link the integrations of your users using their email addresses.

Click on "Save". The newly created user will receive an email to start using Modjo.

Mass Import

Under Settings > Users, click on "Upload users".

1) Click on "Download template" in order to retrieve the example file for the users import.

2) Fill the example file with lines following the formatting rules below :


First Name

Last Name



Team ids


First Name

Last Name

true or false

user or manager or admin

Team IDs separated by commas

fr-FR or en-US

3) Choose the file to import.

4) Click on "Import".

Create a team

Under Settings > Team, click on "Add a team".

Select the users you want to add to this new team.

Click on "Create Team".

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