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Modjo API - Import & export data - Managing Users
Modjo API - Import & export data - Managing Users
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🚨 Beta Disclaimer

Please note that this endpoint is currently in beta. While we strive to maintain stability and compatibility, some changes may occur without upstream communication.

I- What is the purpose of the API?

Modjo provides a powerful endpoint that enables users to retrieve their call data along with related information such as transcripts and summaries. Whether you’re looking to download calls or transcript data, log custom call data in your custom CRM, analyze customer interactions, monitor team performance, or gather insights, this API provides you with the tools to seamlessly integrate call data into your workflows. Please refer to the API documentation for more information.

II- How to use the API?

Getting Authorization

Before you start exporting call data, ensure you have the necessary authorization to access the API. Authorization is handled via apiKey, which you’ll need to include in your request headers.
To obtain your API key, please contact our support service via chat.

Play with the API

Here is a short recommendation list of things you may want to play with to make sure you optimize your usage of the API:

Experiment with Filters: Utilize filters to narrow down your call data based on criteria such as date range, user ID, or specific tags.
Optimize Pagination: Adjust pagination settings to efficiently navigate through large datasets.
Selective Data Retrieval: Use the relations parameter to include only the relevant related data, optimizing performance and reducing unnecessary payload size.

III- What can I do with the API?

  • Import calls to Modjo

  • Export data from Modjo (calls, transcripts, summary).

    The complete list can be found in this documentation.

  • Managing Teams and Users.

Teams Management - Get Modjo Teams

Retrieve Modjo teams.
Easily access information about different teams within your organization.
Useful for administrators to oversee team structures and configurations.

Users Management - Get Modjo Users

Retrieve Modjo users in a paginated format.
Gain insights into user profiles and permissions.
Useful for administrators to manage user access and permissions efficiently.

Create Modjo Users
Easily create new Modjo users from a list of email addresses.
Specify additional properties for each user as required.
Ideal for onboarding new users and expanding your team’s capabilities.

Delete Modjo Users
Remove Modjo users from the system based on their user IDs.
Helps in maintaining an updated user database and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

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