How is a call composed?

Understand how a call is detailed while visualizing the different related features

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Watch a call

The call details page is where you can listen to a call while reviewing what happened (several call statistics, topics, trackers mentioned in the call and action items are displayed).

As soon as a call's finished, we'll send you an email once it has been transcribed and analyzed.


  1. This is where you see the call.
    => It displays either the attendee talking, the name of the person speaking (if the video is off) or whatever was shared during the meeting.

  2. The talk track enables you to control the video.
    (For further details, see the Call details legend below)

  3. (From left to right): Account history, See previous/oncoming calls' arrows, Add a tag
    => You can add a tag directly from the call's details page 🙂

  4. Meeting information with main analytics of your call and related CRM details.

  5. "Add to library", "To watch later" and "Share" features:

    • Add a call to the library
      => Note that each and every library folder is available to anyone in your organization. For further details regarding the library, click here

    • Add a call to your "watch later playlist"

      => For further details click here

    • Share your call
      => You can share the call internally or with your interlocutor.

  6. Activities heading
    => By clicking on "Add a comment" you can react to the call. The AI Notes and Livenotes taken are also displayed there

  7. Call review heading

    => For further details on the call review feature click here

  8. Transcript

    => Visualize the detailed transcript of your call and translate it!

Call player legend

  1. Play/Pause your call. You can also:

    • Change the speed of your call

    • Choose the attendee you're aiming to focus on

    • Enable the subtitles

    • Display call's details

    • Enable full screen display

  2. Make a snippet (see video below)
    =>You can comment, share, download and add it to the library

    (you can also click on the Create Snippet button to do so)

  3. Topics legend: we detect key moments of your call

  4. Quickly find your AI notes ✨ and Livenotes ⚡ as well as commented moments 💬

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