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Configure your Salesloft integration in order for your calls to be automatically imported into Modjo

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You must have the Admin rights in both Salesloft and Modjo. If so, follow the quick

and easy steps described below:

⏱️ Duration time: 5' on average

Step 1: Create an API key

  • Go to the following page

  • Enter the following name for your api key: modjo

  • Click on the "Submit" button

  • copy the API Key and save it for Step 2

Step 2: Set your Salesloft Key and associate users in Modjo

  • In Modjo, go to Settings => Integrations

  • Find Salesloft and click on the Connect button

  • A form appears (scroll up if you don't see it). In the API Key field, paste the API Key you created during Step 1.

  • Afterwards, in the User tab, bind each and every Modjo user to his SalesLoft's user access.

  • Good to know: you can use the Auto-match button to let Modjo link your users based on email matching.

  • Click Save

Step 3: Disable the button "Require Authentification When Sharing"

Link for this step

Keep in mind that Modjo solely import calls containing interactions as an algorithm excludes voicemails and very short calls (shorter or equal to 2').

Congratulations! 🙌

Once you've achieved these quick steps, your integration is turning active! Now, let’s give it a try by making your first call!

💡Good to know: calls are automatically imported every 10-30’ on average.

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