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Follow the steps described in this article in order for your Zoom meetings to be imported into Modjo

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🚨 Prerequisite:

You must have the Admin rights in both Zoom and Modjo. If so, follow the steps described below:

⏱️ Duration time: 5' on average

IMPORTANT: There are 2 use cases❗

  1. When Zoom is your company's video tool: please create a recording group and add the following settings to the latter.

  2. When Zoom is only your sales team’s video tool: you can add the following settings to the global account as shown in the video below (no need to create a group).

    IMPORTANT: In both cases, make sure that the option "Automatically sign users out after a specified time" isn't enabled.

Step 1: Enable the automatic recording of your meetings

Watch the video in order to setup your global account settings and create a group or follow the written instructions below:

Use Case 1: Go to Account Management => Account Settings => Recording tab

  • Enable Cloud recording for this group of users with the following options:

    1. Record active speaker with shared screen

    2. Display participants' names in the recording

    3. Record thumbnails when sharing

  • Lock the padlock

  • Enable Automatic recording with the following options:

    • Record in the cloud

    • Host can pause/stop the auto recording in the cloud

  • Lock the padlock

  • Enable Auto delete cloud recordings after days and set the time range to 7 days

  • Lock the padlock

  • Enable Recording disclaimer with the following options:

    • Ask participants for consent when a recording starts

    • Click on Customize:

      1. Title: Guarantee the quality of our conversation

      2. Description: We record this conversation in order to take notes easily

  • Lock the padlock

👉 In this account settings go to Meeting tab

  • Go to Email notification and disable the option When a cloud recording is available

Use Case 2: Create a group => Go to Account Management => Account Settings => Recording tab and follow the steps above (Step 1)

  • Create a group of users encompassing all the sales who possess a Modjo license:

    • User Management => Group Management => Add Group

    • Add all the users whose meetings should be imported into Modjo

Step 2: Bind Zoom to Modjo

  • Log in => Modjo

  • Go to Settings > Integrations

  • Below Zoom's icon, click on Connect

  • Once OAuth authorization is complete you should be automatically redirected to Settings => Integrations

  • Below All integrations, you should see Zoom. Click to expand the section.

  • In the Users tab, bind each Modjo user to his corresponding Zoom's user access (click on Auto-match to let Modjo do the linking process based on email matching.

  • ✅ And Save

Step 3: Customize the Zoom Recording Disclaimer

  • Log in to the Zoom web portal

  • Go to Settings > Recordings tab

  • Click on the section Recording notifications - Zoom clients

  • Below the option Show a disclaimer to participants when a recording starts, click on Customize Disclaimer

  • Select the language and edit the message.

Recommended template:

To ensure that your meetings' attendees are well-aware that you are actively recording, we recommend using the following disclaimer template:

Title: This meeting is being recorded and annotated with Modjo.ai
Description: By continuing to be in the meeting, you are consenting to be recorded. If you’d like to access to the recording, please ask your host to share it with you. Create your own recordings and highlights at https://modjo.ai

(Optional) Disable the Modjo connection:

If you're aiming to uninstall the bond between Modjo and Zoom, follow the steps described below (directly through your Zoom account):

  • Log in to your Zoom Account and go to Zoom App Marketplace

  • Click Manage => Installed Apps

  • Click Modjo app

  • Click Uninstall

Congratulations! 🙌

Once you have completed these steps, your integration is turning active! Now, let’s give it a try by making your first call!

💡Good to know: calls are automatically imported every 10-30’ on average.

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