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Create Summary categories from scratch
Create Summary categories from scratch

Get insights on how to build effective Summary categories

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In order to better fit your business needs, you can create Summary categories!

  • You can use on-the-shelf categories built by our Modjo AI experts

  • You can edit these categories in order to adjust them to your taste

  • You can build a category from scratch => this article is dedicated to this method

🚨Prerequisite: You must be a Modjo Admin/Manager

Talking to AI recommendations:

A) Make sure to be clear and specific

When talking to an AI, it is important to be as clear and specific as possible. For example, instead of saying “I want something to drink”, it is better to say “Can I have a glass of water, please”. This way, the AI will be able to understand what you are asking for and provide it for you.

B) Be patient and choose your words carefully

Ais are still learning, so don’t expect them to always understand what you want immediately. If an AI doesn’t understand what you are asking for, try rephrasing your request or giving more details and information. The more information you provide, the better chance the AI has of understanding what you are asking.

Summary category structure tips:


  • Give a clear and effective Title (Avoid a title like "Category 1")


  • Be as intricate and precise as can be while keeping it "generic" since it will be applied to a significant volume of calls. ✅
    If you're not sure, opt for the on-the shelf categories

  • Avoid negation. ✅

  • Avoid asking for a limited or maximum number of points. For instance “maximum 5 sentences” “in 3 bullet points”) => The Ai model’s performance may be downgraded. ✅

  • Prefer English over other languages. The model is much more relevant with a task given in English, even if the transcript is in another language. ✅

  • Do not include context as we have already included it in our prompt's template. ✅

1) Start of with the action the AI should do.


  • "List specific questions"

  • "Capture instances where the sales team discusses"

  • "Identify interactions"

  • "Extract the methods"

  • "Summarize any valuable information regarding"

2) Specify clearly if you want the AI to extract information coming from the sales or the prospect/client.

  • "Employed by the sales team"

  • "Mentioned by the prospect"

  • "Mentions of what the prospect thinks about"

3) Don't hesitate to list out what you really expect from the AI:

  • "This might include their budget, timeline or specific product requirements"

  • "Contributing to factors like revenue increase, cost reduction or customer experience enhancement"


Talking to an AI is not always easy, but if you follow the recommendations provided above, you will have the best experience possible. Be clear and specific with your requests, choose your words carefully, and be patient with the AI, it will understand your request eventually.

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