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Guide your organization in the right direction with an objective analysis of all your customer and prospect conversations through AI.

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Ever dreamed of an objective analysis of all your customer and prospect conversations? Welcome to our AI Insights!

AI Insights is your compass in this ever-evolving landscape, offering an in-depth analysis of the top 3 objections your sales teams encounter every month. This isn't just another tool; it's a strategic partner designed to bring clarity to your decision-making process through the lens of artificial intelligence.

No more guesswork or gut feelings—AI Insights brings data-driven clarity to your decision-making process:

  • Improve your GTM (Go-To-Market) strategy by identifying areas for improvement in your offer or product.

  • Enhance your team's performance by training them on the most commonly encountered objections.

How does it work?

  • The AI analyzes all customer interactions from the past month.

  • Modjo managers & admins receive a monthly email recap per team highlighting the top 3 objections.

  • Access a library with all excerpts related to your primary objections with just one click.

💡 Tomorrow, a fresh set of topics will be made available for exploration!

Let's explore this feature more in detail.

I. How do AI insights work in detail?

a) AI Insights email focus on a team

  • Emails are automatically generated by teams.
    Ex: top 3 objections for the Modjo team "AE Germany"

  • These emails are directed to the managers or admins of the respective teams.

    • 💡 If there is no manager or admin assigned to the team, no email will be generated.

  • For a comprehensive analysis, a minimum call volume is required. If a team does not have a significant volume of calls or that does not contain relevant information, no email will be sent. Today the minimum number of calls is around 100 calls.

Example of email focus on a team:

b) AI Insights recap emails for all teams

For Modjo admins to know which analyses were made and who received an email, a recap email is also sent to all Modjo admins.

It summarises all sent emails with the list of objections, for which teams, and who received them. Additionally, for each team, the admin will have a view of the top 3 objections and access to the dedicated library folders.

Admin doesn't need to be in a team, all admins receive it.

Example of recap email for admins:

When are the emails sent?

The emails are scheduled to be sent every morning on the last Thursday of the month. This timing allows you to reflect on the entire month and prepare your monthly reporting effectively.

II. How to enable the feature?

If Modjo AI is enabled for your organization, AI Insights is activated! Nothing more to do.

If Modjo AI is not activated, more info here on how to activate it.

III. How can I add someone to the loop?

We like this question! 😉

There are 3 ways :

  • Fill this form to add team members as admin in Modjo (not assigned to a team) so he will receive the AI Insights recap emails for all teams.

  • Add the individual to Modjo as an admin/manager (without a recording license) in the team he intends, so he'll receive an AI Insights email focus on this specific team. More info on Teams & Users

  • Don't hesitate also to forward the emails! Easy!

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