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Follow the steps described in this article in order to receive notifications through Slack related to your calls (comments, mentions, likes)

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🚨 Prerequisite:

Please check that you have Admin rights in both Slack and Modjo. If so, follow the quick steps described below:

⏱️ Duration time: 5' on average

Step 1: Grant access to Modjo in Slack

  • Log in Modjo

  • Go to Settings => Integrations => CRM

  • Below Slack icon, click on Connect

  • You should be redirected to a Slack page in order to grant permissions

Step 2: Bind your Slack users to Modjo

  • Go to Settings => Teams & Users

    • Check the users list and make sure each user that should be bound to Slack possesses a Slack icon (If the users have the same email address for both Modjo and Slack, then we probably did it right). Otherwise, you might have to do it on your own.
      => For such users:

  • Click on Edit User (pencil icon on the right)

  • In the popup, under the section Integration, find the Slack dropdown

  • Use the dropdown to find the Slack user you're aiming to bind to Modjo

  • Click Save

Congratulations! 🙌

Once you have completed these quick steps, your integration is turning active! Be ready to be notified on Slack!

Step 3: Personalize your slack notifications (individual settings)

  • Go to Personal settings => Notifications

  • Check the box dedicated to the notification you're aiming to get via Slack

    💡 Regards to the notification sent when your call is imported into Modjo, you must be the host of the meeting to get it.

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