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Unlock time-saving benefits with Modjo's AI-powered automatic call summaries and CRM synchronization

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The Summary is designed to save your teams tremendous time and maximize your CRM Data accuracy. Never lose track of your customers' data: all interactions are summarized within your CRM!

💡If you want to check whether or not your sales' methodology is well-applied, check out Ai call scoring
💡If you're aiming to coach and help individual salespeople to improve their skills, check out Call Reviews

I. How does it work?

A. In Modjo

Once enabled all of your calls with transcripts will be processed and summarized through two categories:

  • General Summary: Get an overview of what happened during the call

  • Next Steps: Instantly identify the upcoming stages of your sales cycle.

Interact with Summary

When hovering over a block, several interactive elements will be displayed:

  • ▶️: Get more call context on what was said by playing the call

  • 💬: Write a comment, mention your teammates or manager to share important information (they will get a notification)

  • 🔗: Copy a private link to quickly share a specific moment of the call to other teammates

B. In your CRM

Save time on tedious manual data entry, improve your accuracy in recording customer interactions information, and increase the efficiency of tracking tasks.

  • Summary is automatically logged into the Task activity of all our CRM integrations

  • Summary is automatically logged into the Notes Section of Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive and Sellsy. If you want to disable or customize this option, refer to your CRM integration setup.

    ​The timestamps of the Summary will be displayed only for users of Salesforce and HubSpot only.

  • Salesforce:

  • HubSpot:

II. How to enable the feature?

🚨Prerequisite: You must be a Modjo administrator/manager to enable the feature

To enable the feature, you must authorize our subcontractor OpenAI to process transcripts of your recordings in the United States.

Once enabled, both Ai Call Scoring and AI Call Chapters will be activated.

Once enabled the mention "Integrated by : Your Name" will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

At this point all of your calls and interactions will be processed through Open AI.

III. Create Summary templates

In order to create non-biased summary of calls, we highly encourage you to create Summary templates!
Each Summary will be generated based on a given template. Each template works per team.

By default, the General template will be selected for all your teams, with 2 categories: general Information & Next Steps.

We also propose you 4 templates to help you setup:

  • SPICED method

  • BDR summary

  • AE summary

  • AM summary

    If you want to create a new template, click on Summary => Add Template

  • Give your template a title

  • Assign it to a team(s)

  • Click on Add a category

    • You can use on-the-shelf categories built by our Modjo AI experts:

      • Next Steps

      • General Information

      • Objections

      • Competitor References

      • Pricing

      • Prospects / Customers Pains

      • Customer Insights & Observations

      • User Feedback

      • Buying Decision

      • Response to Objections

      • Churn Potential

      • Closing Strategy

      • Support Requirements

      • Impact

      • Business-Oriented Questions

    • You can edit these categories in order to adjust them to your taste

    • You can build a category from scratch => click on this article for expert tips! 🙂

💡You can add up to five categories in order to ensure the relevance of your calls' summary

💡Custom categories will help you to extract relevant insights for your business while filling up your CRM with structured and normalized informations.

💡When updating a template, the changes made will be applied only for future calls.

IV. How is a template chosen over another?

  1. Single Team, Single Template:

💡Which template will be selected when I'm part of a single team with a single template?

  • When a participant is the only one in a meeting and belongs to a single team that has a specific SummaryTemplate, that template is selected.

    => A lone participant from the "Product" team will have the "Product Summary" template applied.

2. Multiple Teams, Multiple Templates:

💡Which template will be selected if I'm part of multiple teams?

  • If a participant is associated with multiple teams, and each team has a different Template, a general template is selected.

    => A participant from both "Account Executive" and "Tech" teams will trigger the selection of the "General Summary" template.

3. Multiple Participants:

💡Which template will be selected when there are other teammates in my call?

  • Ai counts each summary template's occurrence among all participants.

    => The template with the highest count is selected.

  • In case of a tie, the general template is chosen.

    => If most participants are from the "Business Developers" team, the "Business Development Summary" template is used.

4. Uncertain Scenari:

  • In uncertain scenari => the general template is selected.

    💡Example: In a meeting with mixed team members, if the majority is part of the "Account Managers" team, the "Account Management Summary" template is used. If the distribution is even, then the "General Summary" template is applied.

V. Is Summary meaningful for my "sales method"?

Keep in mind that Summary is a sum-up of your calls so asking for a follow-up email will not be working since our macro's prompt asks specifically for a summary to ChatGPT. 🙂

Summary can be adapted for your SPICED or BANT method.

However, it's not catered to MEDDIC since this method is "deal-level" meaning several calls are needed to gather all information. Whereas the Summary feature is at a single call level.

VI. Disable the feature

As a result, no more call or interaction will be processed through the Open AI.

💡This action will disable the feature for each and every user of your organisation.

💡This action is not retroactive: each call already processed through the Open AI when the feature was enabled will remain with the Ai notesSummary displayed in both Modjo and your CRM.

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