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Phone systems:

Videoconference tools:


Collaboration tools:

Perfect Workflow integration

Modjo is connected to your VOIP/Video conferencing tool and CRM system.

Telephony and Video Systems

Thanks to our API integration, Modjo is fully compatible with many telephony systems (dialers, CTI, VOIP). Once bound to your Telephony system or Video conferencing tool, Modjo will automatically import your calls!


Once your CRM is bound to Modjo, you'll manage to:

  • Search and analyze your conversations based on CRM fields (Account names, contacts, deal status, etc.)

  • Embed conversation data into your CRM (meeting links, topics discussed, tag, etc.)

  • Take notes and automatically import them into the call task (see Livenotes application)


  1. Step 1: Go to Settings => Integrations

  2. Step 2: Select your phone provider system & click on Connect

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